We are an engineering workshop specialising in the manufacture of small to medium size products, both individual items and series production.

System deliveries

As customer, it is sufficient that you contact us, and we will look after everything until the finished product is delivered. For example, this can cover purchasing, manufacture, assembly and storage. We are, of course, also responsible for any subcontracted work, such as painting, surface treatment, licensed welding, etc.


We work with a great many different materials, such as stainless steel, SMO, inconel alloy, duplex, bronze and titanium. Also, tool steel and certain hardened materials.

We produce machine parts for customers ranging from small, local companies to large global groups, the end customers of which are all over the world.


We have established routines for working with documentation, and before delivery we check that everything is performed in accordance with the documentation. We make final checks of every item before delivery.

Precision and unpretentiousness are key words with us. They give satisfied customers:

Cutting processing

Our machinery is modern, including a four-axle multi operation machine, but we have retained some of the old faithfuls from the 1950s which still do their work with greatest exactitude. Among other things, we perform turning, milling, circular grinding, drilling, welding and various forms of sheet metal work. Our well-constructed business system with time planning gives us good control of all work. For more detailed specifications of the our machines, contact us.

Business idea

Löfman & Co Verkstad AB is a qualified supplier within mechanical machining. We produce machinery parts and system deliveries to big, world-leading companies whose end consumers can be found all over the world.
Our customers have chosen us because they need a secure, reliable, professional partner with whom a high level of quality and delivery reliability is obvious.


Some of our largest customers are Rolls Royce, Valmet AB and GL&V.